MFG mbH - Meerbusch (DE)

Our office in Meerbusch in Germany’s Rhineland is the headquarters of the MFG Group. 
In addition to all administrative activities, it is also responsible for raw materials trading in Northern and Eastern Europe.

MFG Processing GmbH - Krefeld (DE)

Our plant in Krefeld (Germany) produces briquettes for use in cupola furnaces. It also offers technical solutions for compacting. Most of the plant’s commodities are shipped straight from its own warehouse.

MFG France SAS - Paris (FR)

Opened as a branch of MFG mbH in Paris, MFG France SAS now operates as an independent subsidiary with a focus on France and Southern Europe.

USMFG Inc. - South Haven (US)

USMFG Inc. operates its own briquette factory and supplies both foundries and steelworks in the United States with briquettes for melting operations.

arrandene MFG Ltd. - London (UK), Shanghai (CN) & South Haven (US)

arrandene MFG Ltd. operates worldwide as an independent subsidiary with a focus on the light-metals industry.